Educational Program
for All Student Grades K-12

Exploring The Night Sky With Laws Of Science

Astronomy has significant impact on science in general as well as on public imagination. We integrate astronomical discoveries into our education system and our national life.

This program will give students a close look at theories and law of science, how universe work and working of solar system.

We present live space show program in Four modules.

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Planetarium Show-Planetarium In children Hand

The six-meter digital mobile planetarium can bring the 360° experience into school campus, seating up to 50-70 students at one time. The planetarium comes with an experienced astronomy specialist who can present live planetarium shows, play 360° full dome films, and answer student’s questions. All presenters are full-time science communicators with university-level astronomy qualifications.

The digital projection system giving exquisite views of the night sky, and takes on a digital journeys to the planets, stars, and distant galaxies.

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Space Robotics

Robotics is a system that contains sensors, control systems, manipulators, power supplies and software all working together to perform a task. Robots are ideal for use in space. They do not get tired or need to stop for lunch. They can survive in the hazardous conditions of space.

Smart robots can even complete challenging tasks without human intervention.

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Magic of Science

The 'Magic of Science' is a magic show which teaches various laws of science. It's magic tricks that look like "magic," a trick with a secret. However, with a magic of science, there is no secret, there's a scientific concept from either physics or chemistry - that looks like "magic. Science, studies in chemistry, light, magnetism, optical illusions, physics, and mathematics are all demonstrated in an energetic performance perfect for children.

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Mathematics of Space Science

These Contain Activities Comprise a Series of Practical Mathematics Applications In Space Science.

Students Will Learn:

Students investigate science and mathematics concepts such as gravity ,solar energy, stars, objects in the solar system.

About scientific notation and distance, rate and time, rockets and spacecraft, and telescopes.

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Space STEM Experiments and Projects

These Contain Activities Comprise a Series of Experiments and Projects Related In Space Science.

Weather Balloon Experiment.

Rocket Launching Experiment.

Mars Rover Landing Experiment.


Finding of Exo Planet.

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Language of Nature

Comming Soon.......

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