Production & Development

Dome Projection and Manufacturing of Telescopes.

Dome Projection & Development

Vratino Technologies is an Indian company which provide design,development,fabrication,supply,installation,integration,testing, engineering and commissioning of complete and fully integrated functional full dome digital 2D/3D immersive projection system.

We use both multi projection for large dome and for small dome we use fisheye central projection system with self developed technologies. We also provide moveable dome schools and colleges

We are expertise in dome projections of all sizes. We offer cost-effective 2k, 3K, 4K,5K and 8K projection systems to suit any size of dome screen.

Vratino projection systems are designed to provide a truly one-button solution. You do not need a team of qualified staff to operate and maintain the system. We use advance laser projector for long duration life .It's free from lamp replacement. Our revolutionary technology will help you to resume the work in just a couple of minutes.

What we do best

Fisheye Planetarium Projection

Full Dome Multi Projection

Full Dome Content Development

Astronomy Software Development

Observatory Set Up

Acoustic and Audio-Visual System

We design delightful digital experiences.