About Us

Vratino Technologies a Space Research Organization has been launched in February, 2016 by group of scientist and engineers in various field of Science & Technology that has to do with space science. Vratino scientists study things in the our solar system, and even farther away into space using telescopes.

Vratino Technologies helps to expose students quickly to the Theories and Laws of science with the help of different Vratino Educational Programs such as Astronomy, Magic of Science, Robotics, Mathematics of Space Science Etc.

Vratino Advisory Committee

DR. SUBASH CHANDRA MALLICK: Pursuing challenging research and development in the area of Electrochemical Science & Technology. Patents: Tondepu Subbaiah, Subash Mallick, Radhanath Prasad Das, Krushna Gopal Mishra(2010), An Electrochemical Process For The Preparation Of Nickel Hydroxide From Nickel Nitrate Solution, Indian Patent No. 242167.

MR. RAJA SINGH: Expert Trainer of HR/Motivation in Different Companies.

DR. UDIT SURYA MOHANTY: Sr. Scientist, Taiwan.

DR. RAMESH SAHANI: Assistant Professor (Physical), Department of Anthropology, Punjab University, Chandigarh.

MR. S.B. PANDEY: Sr. Lecturer (Adarsh Higher Secondary School Govt. Of WB).More than 30 years of experiences in field of teaching.

MR. PRATAP DAS: Mathematician(I-Brain Institution Odisha)

MS. KRISHNA CHATTERJEE: M.A., B.Ed., M.Phil. More Than 25 Years of Experiences In Field Of Teaching.

DR. PULAKES PURKAIT: M.Sc., Ph.D, Department of Anthropology , Panjab University, Chandigarh.