The six-meter digital mobile planetarium can bring the 360° experience into school campus, seating up to 50-70 students at one time. The planetarium comes with an experienced astronomy specialist who can present live planetarium shows, play 360° full dome films, and answer student’s questions. All presenters are full-time science communicators with university-level astronomy/astrophysics qualifications.

The digital projection system giving exquisite views of the night sky, and takes on a digital journeys to the planets, stars, and distant galaxies.

Features of Vratino Planetarium Show

 Learning About Science Through Our Portable Planetarium Will Bring Plenty Of “Oohs” And “Ahs.” More Than That,
 It Will Inspire Students To Engage In A Better Understanding Of The World Around Them.

The Shows Are Customized Class Wise And Designed For Students From KG To Class 12, Keeping In Mind Their Acumen.

Eradicates The Cost Of Traveling To Fixed Planetariums.

Planetarium Shows Cover Topics From The School Curriculum And Also Lot More That Is There In The Universe To Discover.

Students Will Understand About Night Sky Constellations And Zodiacal Signs.

Because Of The Affective Nature Of Vratino Planetarium Experiences, Students Are Motivated To Pursue Interests In Science, 
Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) Fields And To Consider Related Career Paths.

Different Activities, Exhibition Of Drawing, Posters, Sculptures ETC.

Quiz & Rewards