Astronomy has significant impact on science in general as well as on public imagination. We integrate astronomical discoveries into our education system and our national life.

This program will give students a close look at theories and law of science, how universe work and working of solar system.

We present "Exploring The Night Sky With Laws Of Science" program in Four modules.

I) Sky Introduction With The Help of Software (Constellations & Zodiacal Signs).

				       Students will learn:

• That We Can See Stars In The Night Sky, As Well As The Moon And Planets.

• Some Ways In Which Stars, Planets, And The Moon Differ From Each Other.

• The Difference Between Reflecting And Emitting Light.

• The Definition Of A Constellation And Zodiacal Signs.

• The Shapes And Stories Of Some Currently Visible Constellations.

• Celestial Events Just Like Solar Eclipse, Lunar Eclipse ETC.

II) Theories, Hypothesis, Laws, Facts & Extra Activities (Explain Different Theories, Principal Etc.)

				       Students Will Learn:

• Origins And Composition Of The Universe.

• Structure Of The Universe.

• How Universe Govern.

• Secrets Of The Cosmos.

• Theoretical Modeling Of Star And Planet Formation.

• Solar System.

• Exoplanets And Their Origins.

• Etc

III) Star Gazing (With The Help Of Telescope).
With The Help Of Telescope We Perform Sky Watch In Which Students See Sun Spots, Moon Craters, Planets, Nebula, Galaxies Etc.

IV) Quiz (Certificates & Rewards).