• Robotics

    Robotics Is A System That Contains Sensors, Control Systems, Manipulators, Power Supplies And Software All Working Together To Perform A Task. Robots Are Ideal For Use In Space. They Do Not Get Tired Or Need To Stop For Lunch. They Can Survive In The Hazardous Conditions Of Space. “Intelligent” Robots Can Even Carry Out Difficult Tasks Without Human Intervention.

    Why Robotics :

    Actively Become Involved In Their Own Learning Process.

    Develop Their Interests In Math And Scientific Technology.

    Students Will Learn How To Apply Scientific Principles To Real-Life Situations.

    Engage Students In Complex, Strategic Problem-Solving, Computational Thinking And Higher-Order Thinking - Pre-Requisite In Successful In Research In Science And Engineering.

    Build Engineering Intuition Through Constant Engineering Process.

    Emphasize Meaningful Problem-Based Learning Thru Integration And Application Of Knowledge.

    Cultivate The Passion To Success. Make Achieving Goals As A Habit.

  • Feature Of Vratino Robotics Program

    Students Will Learn Space Robotics Step-By-Step.

    No Previous Experience Is Required.

    Students Learn How To Make Robots Respond To The Environment Using Light, Sound, Touch And Ultrasonic Sensors.

    Robots Are Programmed Using An Icon-Based Programming Language That Lets Them Quickly Get Their Robots Moving, While Giving Them A Good Foundation For How Programming Languages Work.

    Students Work Together To Learn Engineering And Design Of Robotics On Land, In The Air And Underwater.

  • Robotics Benefits:

    Students Will Learn How To Apply Scientific Principles To Real-Life Situations.

    Students Will Have The Opportunity To Design And Build Their Own Robots In Class! Their Knowledge In Science And Mathematics Will Develop Through Hands-On Experience And Problem Solving Skills.

    With Robotics, Students Will Have The Opportunity To Expand Their Imagination, Exercise Their Creativity And Develop New Technical Skills!

    The Set Of Educational Activities That Support And Strengthen Specific Areas Of Knowledge And Skills Developed In Students Through The Design, Creation, Assembly And Operation Of Robots.



    Problem Solving

    Decision Making


    It’s The Future